Flat Belly Overnight Exercise

If you are looking to lose weight then you want to find an exercise program that includes exercises to burn fat. Finding the right workout for you is crucial. The best workout helps you to lose weight. It is the workout that gets your heart rate to the “fat burning zone.” You should first understand what your fat burning heart rate zone is. The old flat belly overnight template used for you using slightly complicated recipes where you subtract your age from 200 and then multiply that number by 55, 70 or 85 per cent (depending on who you consulted) of your maximum heart rate. However, some have now discovered that if you just subtract your age from 180 to find your aerobic threshold. So if you are 30 years old, you subtract 30 from 180 which gives you a limit of 150 aerobic. You also need to consider whether you are new to exercise or have been doing for years. If you have an illness, they are on medication or recovering from surgery then you should take that number 10 giving a heart rate zone to burn fat target of 140. If you are new to exercise or have taken a long time out, then you should subtract the number 5 to give that person a target rate of 145. Some other great exercises to burn fat, such as sprinting, basketball, tennis, golf and racquetball are also useful when it comes to reducing weight. If you combine strenuous exercise with your regular exercise program, your body requires extra energy that comes from the fat stored in your body.

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